Transformational Bible Engagement in the Palm of Your Hand

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Experience Next-Gen Learning.
It’s Fun, Bite-Sized, and Powerful!

For The Whole Family

These experiences, focused on Bible engagement, for both parents and children alike, equip you to apply biblical learning to your daily lives in the palm of your hand.

Access Anywhere from Your Mobile Device

Unlike printed materials, micro-learning programs make engaging with content fun! You’ll watch videos, share comments in a monitored peer discussion, and view images that brings the Bible and other resources to life.

Exciting and Empowering

DCC GO programs take difficult topics and break them down into easy to understand pieces. Learning from the Bible has never been simpler.

Meet Our Partner

  • Programs are self-guided, so you can go at your own pace.
  • While created specifically for your mobile device, you can also engage with the program on a computer.
  • Programs fit a variety of learning styles with videos, photos, questions, and activities.
  • Others can easily be added to your group to allow you to interact with your friends, family, and other learners.

Regular price $19.99


  • What is DCC GO?

    DCC GO is an interactive, mobile specific, learning platform designed to digitize the biblical experience in multiple contexts from enablement and engagement to learning and knowledge sharing in fun, engaging, and agile ways. Through our constantly growing library of programs powered by Gnowbe, anyone can access ready-made biblical content and other resources anytime and anywhere via mobile, tablet, or web in safe, family friendly, and measurable ways.

  • How much does DCC GO cost?

    Using DCC GO, you get to experience our growing library of biblical content and family programs through your mobile device, tablet, or computer, all for one fixed monthly fee. DCC GO is currently offering our monthly subscription to our library of programs for $9.99 a month. No hidden costs, no contracts.

  • What can I experience on DCC GO?

    With a constantly growing library and through our award winning platform, DCC GO offers programs for both parents and children, such as our widely acclaimed picture bible, The Action Bible, as well as works from some of our more well known authors like John Stonestreet, Matt Chandler, and J. Warner Wallace. All of these and so much more have been created by our team of MID certified authors to help you experience learning in a brand new way.

  • Where can I experience DCC GO?

    Learn and engage anywhere, anytime on an unlimited number of devices with your friends and family. Download the Gnowbe app and sign into your account to access all of our programs that you will have access to. You can also download your favorite programs while you’re on the go and without internet connection. That way, you can take DCC GO with you anywhere.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    DCC GO is flexible and here to serve you. There are no frustrating contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your subscription on our mobile platform in three clicks. There are no cancellation fees—start or stop your account anytime.