Transformational Bible Engagement in the Palm of Your Hand

The Church Dispersed

In this global pandemic, churches are closed. More than ever, people are using digital devices to stay connected.

How can people continue engaging with the Bible, even when they’re not physically present in churches, small groups, or youth groups?

An Interactive Digital Solution

DCC Mobile brings biblical learning and community through its digital platform. DCC Mobile partners with micro-learning platform Gnowbe to offer interactive experiences. These experiences, focused on Bible engagement, equip users to apply biblical learning to their daily lives.

Program Features

  • This program is self-guided, so users interact go at their own pace.
  • Users can interact with the program on a computer or mobile device.
  • These programs fit a variety of learning styles with videos, photos, text, and activities.
  • Users are added to a group to interact with other learners.