DCC Mobile: A Micro-Learning Platform

Transformational Bible Engagement in the Palm of your Hand

What is micro-learning?

Micro-learning breaks learning into small pieces. These small pieces include learning activities such as photos, audio clips, videos, and questions.

How does micro-learning benefit users?

  • This type of learning breaks complex subjects into “bitesize” pieces.
  • Small pieces make it easier to retain God’s word (and its real-life application!).
  • Micro-learning helps users go from learning facts to applying concepts to their lives.
  • Learners work through material at their own pace, taking as much time as they need.
  • Micro-learning is accessible for learners with short attention spans because of the variety of activities.

Why does DCC Mobile implement micro-learning?

DCC Mobile implements micro-learning so users can easily and conveniently engage with biblical content—and apply it to their daily lives!

DCC Mobile offers biblical stories and concepts in small pieces. These pieces make it easy for users to engage with scripture and to want continued engagement! DCC Mobile also allows learners to go at their own speed, accessing information as often as they like.