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A Practical Guide to Culture, Pt. 1

Culture is a big topic and is much more easily theorized about than engaged in. We have invested much of our lives working with the emerging generation of kids, as well as their parents, teachers, mentors, and church leaders.
John Stonestreet has spent the past decade and a half observing culture, following stories and tracking trends, helping Christians understand the world around them, and calling them to engage it.
Brett Kunkle spent his entire career in youth ministry, first as a youth pastor and then as the director of student impact for Stand to Reason, an apologetics ministry committed to equipping Christians to be ambassadors of Christ.
We know you care about the next generation too! We wrote this for all who have a vested interest in their success like we do. The kids of today will build the culture of tomorrow. We’ve aimed this program at parents, grandparents, mentors, teachers, and pastors who have some little image bearers in their lives, as we have in ours, and who want to see them navigate this cultural moment as champions for Christ.

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Program Length: 28 min

Sessions: 3

Actions: 28

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