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Adventures of the Apostles – Jesus Chooses His Team: The 12 Apostles

Competition is weaved all throughout a pre-teen’s experience in our culture. Pre-teens constantly feel the pressure to “measure up” if they want to be seen as anything positive. While not all competition is bad, this cultural expectation often makes pre-teens feel like they must prove their worth to Jesus in order to be considered His true disciple.

In this program, your pre-teen will learn about how Jesus chose His disciples and how He calls all people to follow Him. They will see how Jesus did not look for the most “qualified” or “impressive;” rather, He sought out those who wanted nothing more than to know and love Him more. By the end of this program, your pre-teen will not only know the 12 Apostles of Jesus, but they will want to join them as a disciple of Jesus.


This program:

    • Tells the story of Jesus calling His Apostles through videos and activities
    • Clarifies what it means for someone to be a follower of Jesus
    • Explains the significance of the type of people Jesus chose to follow Him
    • Empowers the student to seek Jesus for themselves and find joy in being His disciple

Session titles:

  1. How Did Jesus Call His Followers?
  2. The First Recruits of Jesus
  3. Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael
  4. Jesus Calls Matthew
  5. Jesus Chooses the 12 Apostles

Course Length

Program Length: 43 min

Sessions: 5

Actions: 43

Content Creator

  • Nick Bannister