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Adventures of the Apostles – Paul: The Enemy Turned Missionary

Has your pre-teen ever felt like they are too far from God for Him to use them? Whether it stems from evil deeds done in the past, a feeling of incompetence, or a downright dislike of God and His ways, the story of Paul’s conversion can speak to them directly.

In this program, your pre-teen will meet Saul of Tarsus — a man who was once an enemy of God and His Church. They will see how God changed him to become one of His greatest followers. By the end of this session, your pre-teen will understand that no one is too far from God’s reach and that God can work powerfully in anyone’s life — even people who hate Him at first! They will witness how God can redeem anyone and give their life unbreakable meaning and purpose.

This program:

    • Tells the story of Paul’s conversion through videos and activities
    • Offers pre-teens an in-depth look at why Paul’s conversion was significant
    • Explains how God can transform anyone’s life, no matter how far they are from God
    • Encourages students to seek after God like Paul after he encountered Jesus

Session titles:

  1. Saul: Enemy of the Church
  2. The Great Encounter
  3. The Great Transformation
  4. Paul: Servant of God and His Church

Course Length

Program Length: 29 min

Sessions: 4

Actions: 29

Content Creator

  • Nick Bannister