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Adventures of the Apostles – The Tongues of Fire

Growing up in a world saturated in technology can be difficult for a pre-teen. Ironically, the experience of loneliness often increases the more a pre-teen engages in “social” media. Pre-teens today need to know they are not alone, and that God has sent His Spirit to help them in all of life’s circumstances. 

Your pre-teen might be familiar with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, but do they know understand the significance of the Holy Spirit’s arrival at Pentecost? In this program, they will sit together with the Apostles and witness the beginning of the most powerful—and most personal—movement in history: the beginning of God’s Spirit-empowered church at Pentecost.  

This program:

    • Tells the story of Pentecost through videos and activities
    • Clarifies the significance of what the Holy Spirit was enacting
    • Offers pre-teens practical ways the Holy Spirit can transform their own life
    • Encourages students to be used by the Holy Spirit to spread the good news of Jesus

Session titles: 

  1. Jesus Returns to Heaven
  2. The Holy Spirit Comes
  3. Peter the Preacher
  4. Life After Pentecost

Course Length

Program Length: 28 min

Sessions: 4

Actions: 28

Content Creator

  • Nick Bannister