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After God’s Own Heart, Pt. 1

The epic adventure of King David!

Imagine for a moment that you are kid again.  You know…elementary school, cartoons, playing outside every night until dark…a simpler time in life, but then being told that you are going to be the next King/Queen of England!  

Now stop imagining and think about how ridiculous that is! That would never happen, right? 

Wrong! It did happen! To a young boy named David, the youngest of seven older siblings, nonetheless! He was chosen above everyone else by a messenger of God to be the next King of Israel, an honor and a responsibility no one could have imagined. 

But what this young boy did with that responsibility changed the world!

In this program, you will be taken on an epic journey following the life of King David and experience what it is like to be called by God and how you too can be a person after God’s own heart, someone who can change the world! 

You and your pre-teen can experience the story of David in a way like never before!  Through our unique storytelling experience, the story of David takes you on a journey through the life of this incredible king while offering real-life advice and practical wisdom for pre-teens facing big problems by trusting a big God!  

This program—designed for students ages 9–11—can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Pre-teens can interact with the app at their own pace, so they choose when and where to use it.

This Program:

  • Teaches that God can use anyone, regardless of how old or how qualified they are.
  • Shows how trust in God can help you solve big problems.
  • Helps you to listen to God’s voice more than the voice of the world.
  • Reveals that the Lord is just and His timing can be trusted.

Session titles:

  • The Boy Who Became King
  • When Giants Fall
  • A Kingdom Divided
  • A Fallen King

Course Length

Program Length: 36 min

Sessions: 4

Actions: 36

Content Creator

  • Morgan Henson