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Joseph: The Dreamer Redeemed

Outrageous dreams. Family drama. Betrayal. Prison time. A rise to a royal position. 

Meet Joseph. His story starts when he is only 17, and by the age of 30 he the 2nd in command in Egypt. He was his father’s favorite son and God found favor with him. From revealing the future to Joseph through dreams to giving him success in Potiphar’s house and giving him the gift to interpret dreams. 

Despite all of this Joseph was despised and rejected by his own brothers. Life can be hard at times and sometimes we focus on the negative parts of life. Explore Joseph’s life and learn how you can trust that God knows our thoughts and actions and still He shows his faithfulness and love.

Session Titles:

  1. Who is Joseph
  2. Joseph sold by his brothers & Falsely Imprisoned 
  3. Pharaoh’s Dream & Joseph in Charge of Egypt 
  4. Joseph Forgives His Brothers 
  5. God Can Redeem Anything

Course Length

Program Length: 36 min

Sessions: 5

Actions: 36

Content Creator

  • JamieLyn Heim