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Ruth: Fierce and Loyal

Courage. Loyalty. Trust. God’s Redemption.

We live in a world saturated with anxiety and fear. Preteens experience unprecedented betrayal and uncertainty in their relationships. This anxiety and uncertainty can translate into feeling that their struggles are too big for God to handle.

Your preteen can dive into The Action Bible through this interactive Ruth experience! The story of Ruth offers practical takeaways for preteens living in fear or anxiety.

This program—designed for students ages 9–11—can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Preteens can interact with the app at their own pace, so they choose when and where to use it.

This program:

  • Tells the story of Ruth through videos and activities
  • Highlights loyalty in relationships
  • Offers practical takeaways to use courage in daily life
  • Encourage students that God is our redeemer who makes all things new

Session titles:

  • Who was Ruth?
  • Ruth Was Loyal
  • Ruth Was Courageous
  • Ruth Was Redeemed


Course Length

Program Length: 37 min

Sessions: 4

Actions: 37

Content Creator

  • Micah Renck