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When Tragedy Strikes: The Story of Lazarus

Learn to live again after death and loss.

“Death is a part of life.”  That’s what they say, at least.  But what do they really know about losing someone they love?  How can they sum up the pain and agony from losing someone with such a cliché statement?  How are you expected to go back to normal after dealing with unexpected death and loss?  

In this program, you will follow the story of two sisters, Mary and Martha, who are dealing with the sorrow after their brother passed away from an unexpected illness.  How did they cope with a loss like that?  Where did they turn too?  Who could possibly bring healing to their broken hearts?  

Come alongside them and you too will soon discover that in the midst of tragedy, there is a hope greater than our deepest pain.  You will experience what it means to be burdened by the darkness of losing someone or something you love and how through that pain, Jesus, the conqueror of sin and death, can breathe life back into your soul and healing to your heart. 

Trust in Jesus, like Mary and Martha, and you too will experience life after death.

This program—designed for students ages 9–11—can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Pre-teens can interact with the app at their own pace, so they choose when and where to use it.

This Program:

  • Teaches you that your feelings and emotions are an important part of loss.
  • Shows how to empathize with those who have experienced loss.
  • Helps you to trust in the only person who can fully heal us.
  • Reveals that Jesus experiences our pain with us and we can lean on Him.

Session titles:

  • The Story
  • The Pain
  • The Waiting
  • The End of Death

Course Length

Program Length: 31 min

Sessions: 4

Actions: 31

Content Creator

  • Morgan Henson