Understanding Young Learners

Transformational Bible Engagement in the Palm of your Hand

How can we help youth learn effectively?

The human brain remembers and understands information more effectively when students process what they’re learning.

Processing is especially critical for young learners. Rather than just reading material, young people retain more information by engaging with material. This engagement happens through shared activities with other learners, creative problem solving, and relational connection with other learners.

How does DCC Mobile help youth learn?

DCC Mobile prioritizes takes learning from passive to active. This maximizes learning and application for young learners. Each program incorporates a balance of “Learn,” “Think,” and “Apply” activities so users not only learn information, but also apply it to their lives.

Active learning leads to deep, growing faith.

DCC Mobile knows the most meaningful result of learning is when hearts and minds are transformed by a relationship with God. True transformation happens when faith is more than just head knowledge. It happens when they think about their faith through active learning—where they personalize what they’ve learned and make it part of who they are and what they believe.