Welcome to DCC Mobile!

Transformational Bible Engagement in the Palm of your Hand

What is DCC Mobile?

This mobile platform brings the Bible to life! As many churches nationwide are closed, people are disconnected from community and biblical learning.

With DCC Mobile, they can engage with scripture and interact with other learners through a safe digital community.

How does it work?

DCC Mobile is engaging, easy to use, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This platform works on both mobile and desktop devices, making it convenient to access.

The programs use various activities to engage learners with biblical concepts—and help them apply concepts to their lives. Users can learn at their own pace, interacting with content as often as they like.

How is it different than other products?

Unlike print devotionals, these micro-learning programs make users excited to engage with content. They’ll watch videos, share comments in a monitored peer discussion, and view images that bring the Bible to life.

The programs makes users excited to interact with the content—and to apply biblical concepts to their daily lives.

Through DCC Mobile, you can encounter transformational Bible engagement in the palm of your hand!